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7 Tips For Remodeling Your Bathroom

Do you want to remodel your bathroom? Here we give you 7 quick tips that will help you improve your design and functionality giving you the style you want. Optimize your resources and keep in mind the parts that will really give a new touch to your bathroom. Go ahead and do it with Teacher! Before you start remembers:


The accessories will contribute to the functionality of your bathroom. If you want a sophisticated style, try using metal accessories, if you want a more homelike and traditional style, consider ceramic or ceramic accessories.


There are different types of lamps that you can use for the general lighting of a bathroom. Yellow lighting will give us a warm feeling), while white lighting offers a better aesthetic (we recommend this type of light if you choose to use metal accessories).

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Remember that installing a lamp around the bathroom mirror will keep it better illuminated, facilitating daily habits for which a certain detail is required, such as shaving or applying makeup.

Be careful; make sure that this light does not point directly at the mirror to avoid reflections.


Before renewing it, you must take into account the size of your bathroom and the water consumption, depending on this you can choose between single or double-piece toilets, single or double discharge.

Also take into account the height and shape of the cup for greater comfort, elongated shapes provide greater comfort and the round shapes are ideal for small spaces.

High Transit Floor

For the floor of a bathroom it is important to choose surfaces resistant to moisture, and high traffic, ie high durability. Within these we have:

Vinyl floors: these are floors made from PVC resin and minerals; they work as a good thermal insulator between the ground and the environment. They are practical, easy to install and you can find them in different colors and designs.

Porcelain floors: floors of great hardness and resistance. They have a greater impermeability and are easy to maintain and clean.


If you choose to change the laundry in your bathroom or if the corrosion of the mixer is already visible, we recommend changing it for a model that goes with the new style you want to give to this room. In Maestro you can find a wide variety of models and measurements, from traditional to monocomando.


Before renewing the head of your shower you must take into account its size and the number of functions. There are heads of fine jets, while those of dish type offer a massage type jet, making your bathroom the perfect place to relax after a long day. You can choose curtains of different designs to give personality and color to the space, remember that they avoid the exit of the water to the outside of the shower.

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To organize your cleaning items or towels consider installing cabinets or doors under your laundry if this is pedestal. Among the materials you will find are the melamine, very practical and easy to install, and tempered glass, aesthetically pleasing but recommended when the frequency of use is low.

If you have little space considers using shelves or shelves on the toilet at a considerable height. If you want to know more about Remodeling Your Bathroom or Cheap Bath Screens then feel free to visit

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