How To Make Your Images Look Good On Facebook

As a member in a bunch of photography groups and forums one of the questions I always see people asking is how to make your images look good on Facebook. There are tons of different ways out there that but from my experiencenone of them give consistent results. A few months back photo booths melbourne I was becoming increasingly frustrated with how my images looked on Facebook. They just didn’t have that crispness to them that I wanted. So after consulting other photographers, reasearching forums, and a ton of trial and error I finally achieved the look I wanted, and believe it or not its fairly easy.

Before I get into the details of how to make your images look good on Facebook, I want to preface this by saying that I edit on Adobe CC right now. I was also using this on Adobe CS6 prior to getting CC. For the purpose of this I will also assume that the photograph is already edited and a full resolution copy saved for the client. With that said, lets dive right in!

Step 1:

Once you have your image all edited and looking just how you want I would put your watermark on the image. You can add your watermark after the image is re-sized however I like the look of it better if you add it prior to re-sizing. Looks more uniform in my opinion but this is all up to you!

Step 2:

If your image is not already flattened do so now. Once it is flattened go up to the “Image” tab and select Image Size.

Step 3:

Once inside the image tab you will change 2 things. The first is the pixels/inch. Its more than likely either set at 240 or 300, change this number to 72. There is also a dropdown box labeled “Resample” click this box and change it to Bicubic Sharper. Then simply hit ok. Your image is now resized but we aren’t finished yet.

Step 4:

Now that the image is re-sized we need to click the “file” tab at the top. Go down to where it says “Save For Web” and click it. Once inside this there is only a few things we need to check for. I have “embed color profile” and convert to sRGB checked. Image quality is set to 100 and image size set to 100%. Just hit “Save” and pick your desired location.

Step 5:

Now all you need to do is upload your image to Facebook and enjoy the nice quality!

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