How To Remove Trees

Methods For Removing

There are various ways to remove trees. Using a crane and aerial platforms – a fairly common method of removal of trees, but rather expensive and less flexible, because often the availability of communications, buildings and other trees does not allow the use of large machinery. This is typical for private households and country houses.

The main advantage of the removal of trees, climbers, compared with the removal of a mobile tower – lower price, greater speed, and, most importantly, the opportunity to work in remote places, where there is often not possible to use the technique because of the difficulty of the entrance directly to the tree. Industrial climbers, this is not a problem.

Removal Of Emergency Trees

Removal and demolition of trees and broken off branches, fell on a house or other buildings as a consequence of hurricane winds or high burdened crown. This type of work is done after the tree survey and building on which it is rubble. After evaluating the entire situation as a whole, our specialist decides which way to make the deletion. There are several methods described above, as well as removal with lift or crane tower. Removal of some trees is carried out only with mobile tower. For example, when the tree is fully dry, the tree trunk has defects (cracks, hollows, etc.) with a strong inclination tree abnormally thin high tree. In general – all those dangerous trees, which the climber can not climb – may deform and break.

Cut Tree Into Pieces

For ease of carrying and loading a fallen tree is sawn into easy-to-transport parts. It is also possible to saw various shaped products made of logs, for example flat churbachki for garden paths.

Removal of trees – a complex process that requires professional skills, extensive experience and special expensive equipment, this is a dangerous job that should only be performed by specialists “tree removal atlanta“. It is strongly recommended not to carry out work on the removal of trees on their own or use the services of lay people because of the increased danger of this kind of activity to people’s lives and property.

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