Pre-Pregnancy Advice Or How To Prepare Gestation

Most Spanish women of childbearing age begin to worry about their health only when they already know they are pregnant, between about 8 and 12 weeks of gestation. Because the are not aware about the pre pregnancy details you should know before proceeding further.

Issue? That leaves the crucial months in the formation of the embryo, between weeks 4 and 10 after conception, the period in which the baby’s fundamental structures such as the neural tube form. According to several studies, taking folic acid in this period of early pregnancy – even when the pregnant woman is not aware of her condition – more than 72 percent of important malformations of the baby’s nervous system, such as spina bifida, are prevented.

Thus, Pre-bulking care is vital to the health of the child on the way. And it is not so difficult to prepare the body for gestation. You just have to turn preconception advice into a routine, which can be part of the woman’s annual gynecological examination, as proposed by the American journal “The journal of family practice”.

Change The Habits, The Most Difficult For The Future Mother

Improve the lifestyle of the mother is the biggest challenge, the hardest part of pre pregnancy advice , but it is the factor that will benefit the health of the baby. You are surprised? Many women do not know the importance of having healthy habits. But what exactly do we mean by “change of habits”? Let’s review:

Ask Your Doctor Or Gynecologist

It’s the first thing to do: find out what steps you must take to achieve a healthy pregnancy. They will make the so-called preconception consultation.

Eye to the fact: only one in ten couples in Spain ask advice from the specialist before conceiving. The result is that many opportunities to improve the state of health in the face of pregnancy are lost. In order to avoid any “pre-pregnancy” advice, ideally, both the expectant mother and the specialist will take advantage of the annual gynecological visit precisely to prepare for pregnancy.

Take Folic Acid Supplements

This will be one of the main indications of your specialist. It is essential to take folic acid months before conception. We have already mentioned that supplementing your diet with folic acid before you become pregnant increases the chances of a healthy pregnancy. But only two out of ten Spanish women prepare their gestation by taking a vitamin supplement months before conception.

With this simple practice, supplementing the diet with folates, you can prevent the baby’s neural tube defects (NTDs). “And how do I have to do exactly?” Many future mothers will wonder. The answer is very simple: taking folic acid supplements a few months – at least three, According to experts – before conception. Since we cannot accurately predict the date of pregnancy, it is best to start taking it as soon as the woman decides to become pregnant.

Tobacco, Nefarious Companion Of Pregnancy

More than 25 percent of Spanish pregnant women smoke during gestation, according to data released during World No Tobacco Day. Direct consequences of this harmful habit:

  • Thirty-five percent of children are born with low birth weight because of this. Pre-pregnancy advice: Tobacco, harmful pregnancy partner
  • Eleven percent of babies are born prematurely because of maternal smoking.
  • Tobacco use during gestation has been linked to malformations such as cleft lip and cleft palate.
  • Maternal tobacco use is also associated with asthma, bronchiolitis and poorer lung function in the first months of life, according to sources of the Spanish Association of Pediatric Pneumology.
  • Recent research links tobacco use to a future Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD) in the baby

Zero Alcohol Consumption

Although many pregnant women seem to be unclear, the experts’ conclusions are convincing: no consumption of alcohol is safe during gestation . In the previous stage recommend not to drink or reduce consumption to a minimum to prevent fetal malformations. One caveat: beer called alcohol-free contains small amounts of it, so it can not be consumed either.

Safe Sex Life Before And During Pregnancy

Prevent sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) is another pillar of healthy pregnancy. Therefore, healthy sex life before and during pregnancy becomes very relevant. Diseases such as bacterial vaginosis, herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis pose a serious risk to the baby, in addition to HIV or hepatitis B and C. At the preconception visit to the specialist, the specialist will test you to make sure you do not have any infection Gynecological treatment. Some STDs can cause premature labor or cause the baby to be delivered by cesarean Section to prevent the baby from becoming infected.

During pregnancy you are also not immune to sexually transmitted diseases, So you will have to take special care in your intimate relationships. Your partner must be tested and put on simultaneous treatment with you to avoid risk of reinfection.

Eat Healthy During Gestation And Weight Control

The diet during pregnancy should be healthy. Fruits and vegetables in abundance, water, juices … Main courses have to be cooked grilled or baked instead of batter. One of the maxims during pregnancy is eating fewer fats and foods high in fiber. Also refined sugars and industrial bakery do not help. The weight control during pregnancy must be another of our workhorses. The more weight, the more problems in pregnancy and childbirth.

Pregnant And Physical Exercise

The sport in pregnancy is important and if you can not perform any medical cause, most often the mother can walk to do some gentle exercise. Swimming, yoga or pilates adapted to gestation or gymnastics are examples of activities suitable for the months of gestation.

If the expectant mother was already an athlete before and can continue to exercise, although at a smoother pace, this will help a lot in pregnancy and childbirth.

Reduce Coffees, Teas And Exciting Drinks

Limiting caffeine intake to no more than 200 milligrams per day may reduce the risk of problems during pregnancy, according to recent studies. Theine is also exciting and therefore should be limited consumption as well as energy drinks that provide substances derived from caffeine in its composition.

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