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Problems With Your Air Conditioning? Learn About The 5 Most Common Solutions

Plumbing, painting, electricity, locksmith, electrical appliances. All the guilds of Lake County Repair meet in the repair office, an online corner where I get to work to answer all your questions about the problems of home.

In each session, a guild comes to the fore as a star theme and this time I want to share the most frequent doubts related to your heating and air conditioning.

In this compilation you will find the most practical solutions that I have given to the problems posed by the users, so you will be prepared when an unforeseen event occurs. Here we go!

1) Cleaning The Filters

Did you know that, if normal use of air conditioning equipment is made, these devices are easy to maintain? It is important, above all, to keep the filters clean.

Question:  I would like to know the maintenance that must be done to the home air conditioner so that it works correctly.

This type of domestic machine does not require special maintenance, as long as we see that it works well. However, as a tip, I would say that the only important care is to have the filters cleaned regularly (approximately once a year).

How Can You Clean The Filters?

In a wall split, the filters will appear as soon as you lift the front cover of the appliance. To remove them, you just have to pull them down by lifting a small tab, which you will easily locate. To clean them, with putting them under the shower or using a root brush, is enough. To replace them once dry, just undo the previous steps and fit them in their place of origin.

2) Bad Smells When Turning On The Equipment

The bad odor is produced by multiple causes since the appliances suck or absorb the air from the room they are going to heat. In this solution I give you the two most common cases I have found.

Q: Despite cleaning the grille inside and outside the split, the air conditioner often has an odd smell. What else is there to clean?

The smell you notice may be due to the condensation of the water in the internal battery. If you use the air conditioning only in summer it is normal that throughout the year water has accumulated in the battery, forming mold, and this is the cause of the bad smell that comes off in the first uses.

The grids that you tell me, I guess it’s the filters and the casing, and actually that cleaning is not going to solve the smell problem, but I’m glad you cleaned them up.

When you remove those pieces you will see an aluminum battery inside the device, and that is the part that must be cleaned. Unfortunately, it is not something that can be done at the user level, you will need professional help as it is a delicate piece and also you have to disassemble the whole device.

On the other hand, bad odors can also come from the drainage of the equipment, due to the lack of a siphon. To solve it, you must include a siphon in the installation. However, and as I mentioned before, it is important that you contact a professional to assess the case and can solve it.

3) Expulsion Of Water

Dropping water from your air conditioner is completely normal since they are the result of the evaporation process that takes place inside the machine. But not all enjoy this normality, in this case I tell you the positive and not so good part of this liquid in your equipment.

4) The Equipment Does Not Cool Well

If during the months in which you most need air conditioning, the heat does not give you respite and your equipment does not cool well, it is important that you are prepared. I hope to help you with this answer.

Clearly you have a breakdown and may be due to many factors. To have an accurate diagnosis it is important that you call a technician to locate the fault, but to help you have the clearest things I am going to list a series of possible failures:

Lack of Gas: Due to a leak in the refrigerant circuit, either due to a fault in the installation or due to the presence of pores in the pipe.

The Compressor Does Not Start: It occurs when the fan start capacitor does not turn or due to a fault in the fan motor.

Lack Of Refrigerant: There may be a small leak in the circuit and therefore the machine loses performance. To verify this, a leakproofness test must be carried out.

5) Noises

The air conditioning can present noise and vibrations in both the outdoor and indoor units. To know some causes, do not stop reading the following:

The noise you tell me may be due to several reasons: lack of gas in the refrigeration line, lack of oil in the compressor or a cleaning problem in the filters.

For the first two cases, it may be convenient to change it for a new one, once the technician has analyzed the state in which it is, the life of the device, the price of a repair.

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