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The Best Monitors 4k Of 2016

When we think about building our own PC, or renewing the one we have at home for some time, we know that there are two differential factors that directly influence the experience that can be accessed. The first of them has to do with the power of the CPU, and the second, with the quality of the monitor’s image, speaking a bit roughly.

Of course, these are two elements that over time have progressed in an obvious way, to the point that we are now with the 4K quality has been imposed on monitors, and therefore, many people opt for be done with this type of screens even knowing that not all the contents that go around the web has this final quality.

Then, let’s talk a little about this topic, not only to detach the doubts that usually exist about the differences between a 4K monitor and a 4K TV, whether they are the same or not, but also about what are some of the best 4K monitors that we can access in the market right now, that is, during the first quarter of this year 2016, since there are several interesting options.

Is There A Difference Between A 4k Monitor And A 4k TV?

Of course, as we said before, the first thing we want to stop is the doubt that often comes to users about the convenience of acquiring a 4K monitor, or a 4K TV, and what are the aspects to consider in each case. First of all, you have to know that it is basically the same thing, although the obvious differences are that the TV has a remote control and integrates speakers, something that does not always happen when we think of monitors.

At the same time, by its own definition, we are going to find that most of the time, the monitors have a smaller size than the televisions, and at the same resolution that this time is of type 4K, the density of pixels is usually higher on the screen of the monitors than on that of the televisions.

In addition, the most advanced monitors, the gamers, offer much more convenient response time sthan televisions, so if you like video games and want to make the most of their graphics, you should bet on a very good monitor like the following ones, while If you prefer a large screen, you are going to use it at a good distance, or you like to watch your favorite shows, it is better to lean for a 4K TV.

Dell PS2715Q – 500/550 Euros

The first option that we can recommend then in 4K monitors at this point comes from one of the best known firms in the computer industry, when we talk specifically about Dell with its PS2715Q. From this screen we have to point out first of all its huge size of 27 inches, with a quality that is evidently four times higher than the Full HD that many users are used to.

In addition to that, it stands out for having a 99% coverage of sRGB colors, all the elements of connectivity needed to adjust to peripherals that we can try to synchronize, such as laptops, tablets, etc., always offering the best quality of image. In turn, as part of Dell , this monitor has a Premium screen warranty and 3 years of replacement service in advance.

Acer S277HK – 650/750 Euros

Acer is another firm that always leaves its mark in this market, and in terms of 4K monitors did not want to be left out of the good options we can consider, to start first of all by  the Acer S277HK monitor, which stands out thanks to its panel 27-inch IPS with UHD resolution, with typical HDMI 2.0, DVI, DisplayPort, Mini DisplayPort, headphone output and audio input. In addition, it adds features such as the following: blue light filter, Flicker Less, DTS Sound and Eye Protect.

Samsung U32D970Q – 1100/1200 Euros

Of course Samsung could not miss within this section, this time inviting us to know more closely the most expensive of the options in 4K monitors that we have for you, a U32D970Q that draws attention first of all by its UHD or 4K quality, without losing sight of its 99.5% coverage of sRGB colors and the already famous Dual Color Mode, which allows us to compare two images at the same time on the screen to observe the small differences that exist between the two, and that would otherwise happen unnoticed.

Acer XB280HK – 650/750 Euros

Acer has another best 4k monitors that we think is one of those alternatives that you should consider within this segment, an XB280HK that stands out above all for its 28-inch screen with UHD quality, plus a 1000 to 1 contrast, and of course , being a G-Sync monitor, we will have a Display Port 1.2 essential for the use of this technology. In addition, we recommend that you take a look at its anti-flicker system called Flicker Less.

Asus PG27AQ – 850/950 Euros

And we end up with another one of the very good gaming monitors that the segment offers us today, in this case one developed by the people of Asus. With an IPS 4K / UHD panel and Nvidia’s G-Sync technology that is a classic among the best exponents in this segment, it has a 27-inch screen, with functions such as ultra-light Blue Light, Anti-Blinking, Game Plus and Game Visual . In turn, thanks to its ergonomic base, we have the chance to adjust the inclination, height, rotation and rotation to suit our needs or preferences.

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