The Importance of Voltage Regulators And Backup Batteries

Every day, even if we do not realize it, there are slight changes in the voltage, and this can damage our equipment: PC’s, servers, entertainment systems and televisions, among others. The most important thing is that when the equipment is damaged, even if we are in warranty period, it is not covered by the manufacturer, which is why it is very important to have voltage regulators and backup batteries.

Types of Energy Problems

Momentary voltage changes can damage the computer during the time. The chips and circuits within them are highly sensitive. Unless these components receive a stable 120-volt power flow, they will not work as designed. Another important point is that these unstable energy flows can corrupt data from our hard drives. These are the most common problems:

Blackouts: Total loss of energy. While normal blackouts can last a couple of hours, when they are related to thunderstorms or floods they can last for days or weeks. This type of blackout can damage your computer by forcing a reboot (loss of information) or even when returning the power you can burn your equipment or parts of it.
Voltage Changes (Less Necessary Voltage): This is the most common problem. These problems usually happen when there is excess demand in the power system.

Voltage Changes (More Necessary Voltage): These changes normally occur in thunderstorms, they are short but significant changes for our appliances. These changes can literally fry components of our computers. The changing voltage can gradually degrade the performance of our system.

Why Do We Need A Voltage Regulator?

Even the smallest changes are the voltage can drastically change the life of our electronics. For this reason, all important electronic components and appliances must be connected to a Voltage Regulator. Most protectors resemble power strips, but in fact they contain additional circuits designed to absorb excess electrical power and prevent them from reaching connected equipment. Some models have connectors for telephone/modem, coaxial and network connectors, which provide protection against over-voltages in the lines as well.

Backup And UPS Batteries

Computers connected to an overvoltage protector will be protected against electric shock. But when there are blackouts or there is no power, these batteries allow us to work with confidence that our equipment is safe which we call as uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). A UPS provides protection against overvoltages and the power of emergency backup. Backup power gives a computer user time (from ten minutes to an hour, depending on the device) to save the critical files and turn off the computer properly until the power is re-established.

Remember that these Backup Batteries also have voltage regulators, so when you connect the electronics to the battery you have to make sure you connect it to the correct side. Normally half of the power outlets have connectors for the backup battery and the other half offer only voltage protectors.

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