What To Do If The Roof Is Flowing At Home?

1.) Initially, you need to inspect the roof. If the leak is not very significant, then the roof can be tested independently. First you need to go up to the attic and check the condition of the waterproofing for mold, rot, damp places, rafters, flooring and flooring. For example, moisture can discolor the coating or leave dark marks on the wood.

The next inspection object is a wiring harnessed in the attic. Detected damage in it, it is necessary to eliminate immediately.

2.) After you have checked the roof from the inside, proceed to external studies. Inspect the skate for waterproofing and the integrity of its elements. Pay special attention to fixing aprons of metal in the area of ​​the roof abutment to vertical structures and the state of insulation. Going down to the bottom of the roof, make sure that the land has not accumulated plant debris. Look at the bottom layer of the roofing and the cornice board – their integrity can suffer rain and strong winds. Clarify whether the ventilation ducts, funnels, gutters and gutter pipes are clogged with any debris, lichens and mosses were formed on the slopes, and at the very top – bubbles, chips, cracks, holes and dents.

3.) If the external inspection has not detected any damage, but the leakage continues, you should wait for precipitation, go up to the attic, find the place of penetration of moisture and mark it with chalk. In dry weather it can be patched.


Remember that repair work and inspection of the roof are very risky, since the slopes are slippery and steep, and the head can suddenly start spinning high and unexpectedly. All these are pretty good reasons to turn to professionals for help. The roof replacement buford & roof repair method involves not only detailed diagnostics and selection of special building materials, but also the use of special equipment. Today many companies investigate the roof using an infrared camera. It is able to quickly detect leaks and visualize the technical condition of the roofing system. On the basis of the data obtained, the masters determine the nature and scope of work and make estimates. Next, the owner and the contractor conclude a contract that prescribes the guarantee obligations, payment terms, rights and obligations of the parties.

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