Why To Hire Carpet Cleaning Professionals?

Unfortunately, not all rugs and all types of dirt you can handle yourself. Professionals know best how to rid your carpet from stains, therefore, it is recommended to use the services of companies that are engaged in cleaning of carpets at least once a year.

What is the difference between an ordinary carpet and wool? Wool requires high-quality dry-cleaning, and regret the money is not worth it. If you have enough funds to purchase an expensive wool carpet – so should be enough to care for him.

Most of the companies that are engaged in dry cleaning of carpets, rugs clean is usually artificial. Trusty, old nylon, olefin, polyester, etc. To carry out a dry-cleaner of carpets need to use tools with a high pH. Let us turn to the science and consider the effect of pH on wool carpets.

pH Cleaning

During painting, the acid contained in the ink, react with the wool fibers. Molecules of acid dyes wool and attracted to each other like magnets. Too simple and elementary, but the essence is clear.

The paint penetrates into the fibers of the wool. Paint needs a positive charge and the reaction takes place under acidic conditions. Acidic pH balance of the finished carpet of about 4-5. However, sometimes the pH ranges from 2.5 to 6.5. Everything depends on the painting process.

A person who is engaged in dry cleaning and knows how to maintain a normal pH level during cleaning will not harm wool carpets.

Why paint on wool carpets after cleaning sometimes overflows?

If the fibers and dye weakens the link – the paint flowing. Such a bond is weakened after raising pH, it acts on the positively and negatively charged fiber molecule. To take a simple example, a part of your wool carpet red color, the level of acidity pH – 4, then the connection will be stably maintained to a pH of 6. If a dry cleaning means to hold the carpet, the pH of which is 9, then the balance becomes alkaline.

And who is to blame in this situation?

Naturally we need to blame the people who carried out the carpet dry cleaned the first two times. And who will be responsible for this? You guessed it – a man who was cleaning your carpet last.

Dry Cleaning – a complicated thing, if you clean your carpet means having a pH 9, and the carpet was left unharmed, and the next dry-cleaning was carried out using chemicals with an acidic pH 8, and has transformed the carpet an unnecessary rag. An important role is played not only dry cleaning acid level. For cleaning is often used cocktail (mixture of chemicals), it is necessary to achieve the desired effect. The main component of the cocktail is a damper. This material stabilizes the pH and enables the acid level change while maintaining its stability

Cocktails containing a damper and protects the pH of the carpet, and if further use of detergents, in which the acid level is high, it will change only the pH of the cleaning means because the previous cleaning cocktail protected the pH of your carpet.

When nonprofessional worker will carry out dry cleaning of carpet chemicals with high pH, ​​the first dry cleaning carpet color will remain unchanged. Another interesting nuance, if after cleaning, performed by inexperienced workers, apply the product with a damper, the color of some areas may be modifiable. Because it will be dampened by the previous agent that caused the rise in the level of alkalinity. The question arises: who is to blame in this case? The answer remains the same – the workers conducting the first dry cleaning, again to blame. But do not be afraid, it’s not every carpet may suffer.

Carpet Tile:

For commercial buildings choose to use carpet tiles. It is distinguished by high resistance to wear. Carpet tile is the best choice for offices, it is convenient to install, and maintenance and replacement does not require a huge investment.

For owners of offices, as well as for the designer, which is developing a plan and is responsible for the interior, carpet tiles is very convenient. Designer and office owner can choose any carpet tile, because the choice is very large. It is possible to choose the color, size, texture and other important characteristics.

Dry Cleaning and maintenance of carpet tiles are noticeably different. Of course, in favor of the tile. You can reduce the cost of your time and costs of operation. So how to change the carpet tiles with heavily loaded areas should not take long. Although periodic recourse to professional dry cleaning is necessary.

Whole carpet will be much less than the carpet tile. Another plus tile is that at the slightest damage you do not have to completely replace all of the coating, but only to change the damaged area.

If you decide to change the carpet, carpet tiles again will save you time and money. After dismantling of the carpet tiles are much cheaper, more convenient and faster than the dismantling of the whole carpet.

For commercial premises use and maintenance of carpet tiles is much more convenient than the whole carpet. There is another advantage that cannot be ignored if the owner decided to move the office – he can safely pick up a carpet tile with.

If your carpet is threatening a large load – use protective cover, as it has already proved its relevance and effectiveness. Over time, the carpet accumulated a lot of dust and dirt, and it is inevitable in order. To avoid strong pollution of the carpet and did not often refer to companies who spend the dry cleaners, Vacuum regularly and remove any specks. And while on the move or repair better protect the carpet, than to throw out after huge loads.

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